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I like to discuss things and try to see other people’s perspectives; however, I have been accused of being able to rationalize and justify just about anything. My family and friends say that if there is a loophole, I will find it. Maybe that is why I went into the legal field. I’m not sure but I do share this fact because I acknowledge that I may annoy you at some point with my need to see both sides of everything… and I do mean EVERYTHING! Trust me it sounds way more amazing than really it is because you aren’t my friend (yet) and you haven’t been in a persuasive discussion (i.e. argument) with me (yet).

I crave trying new things. Have you ever met someone who hears about something and they say “I think I would like to do that.”? Well, nice to meet you. I am that person when it comes to jobs that I would like to do. For example, I will watch an exciting episode of Grey’s Anatomy and all of a sudden, I’m like… I want to do surgery on someone’s anastomosis. Then I take it a little further than most reasonable people and then I start thinking about things like… well, if I start studying for the MCATS now, I could be in medical school within 12 months or so. And then I begin calculating when I will finish residency… Even worse, I will then contact my family on our group text message and offer to do surgery on someone’s anastomosis in the event one is needed. Yep, I’m a giver.

Another example is that I saw an idyllic scene of a farmer on TV and all of a sudden I was like I could do that and my unreasonable thinking began: ok how much is 100 acres of land (not 10 but 100- go big or go home); what could I grow (I ended up researching hemp); what goes into this job, etc… Then I excitedly shared this thought with my then pre-teen son reminding him that as a child I thought I would grow up and my life would look just like Heidi’s life in the mountain with her grandfather. Yep, facts. As soon as I paused to take a breath, he began poking holes. He was like you don’t like to get up early; you don’t like dirt; you don’t like the outdoors/bugs; you don’t like to walk (ya’ll don’t know my life); and on and on.

Then I got all defensive and I was like, I CAN DO ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO! Then he gave me the side eye and said in a deadpan voice, “But for real though, you don’t like to walk…” Stay tuned there may be a teenager available for adoption soon… I’ll keep you posted.

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